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The Way International - Aramaic Interlinear
I recently purchased The Way International's Aramaic Interlinear with Concordance and I wanted to get the feeling that some of you veterans have in terms of the translation (and if you are even aware of it). Is it a solid translation? Do they tend to interpret theologically?

Any insight would be helpful!

The Way Internationals 3 Volume Aramaic-English New Testament is a great translation.
It was done by three translators, one of whom was trained by George Lamsa.
In my opinion, it's clear, readable, and gives one a real feel for the underlying Syriac.
It was first published in 1988, and was then only available to Way International members, that is no longer the case now, as you see.
I think that the Aramaic-English NT could have been enhanced by using Aramaic names for people and places and things, but in spite of that not being so, it is still a worthy translation.
Might I ask how you acquired your copies of this New Testament?
There is also an Aramaic Concordance and an Aramaic Dictionary that is usually also sold with this translation.
They too are really great study aids.

As to your question about the 'orthodox' teachings followed in this Aramaic-English New Testament, they followed the ancient Syriac Peshitta, and not Victor Paul Wierwille's sometimes odd Christology/theology.
I believe that Wierwille was influenced by George Lamsa, (in a good way), who was his frequent house guest, to follow the actual Peshitta NT teachings in The Way International 3 Volume Aramaic-English New Testament.
I hope that this helps you.

Shlama, Syriac Questioner
I was actually fortunate enough to find it on eBay at a really reasonable price. I've been skimming through it the last several weeks, and I am pretty impressed with the translation.
Dear Assur,

You might like to know that four of the translators were Gertrude Paulson, Charlene Edge, Joe Wise, and Bernita Jess, who was a longtime student of George Lamsa.
There also was a fifth translator named Bruce Mahone, who helped to finish this translation.

There is quite a bit of Lamsa's scholarship behind this New Testament.
You can plainly see this, with Yeshua's cry from the cross "God, God, for what purpose have you spared me?"

I too think that this is a very keen and sharp translation.
One can still buy the three volume Way International translation with a concordance and dictionary from:

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It costs about $115.00, not counting shipping costs.

It might also be a wise thing to read this:

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It gives a rather unhappy story as to how The Way Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament came to be, I'm sorry to say.

Finally Assur, if I had known the behind the scenes story that the above URL gives, I've gotta say that I'm not sure if I would buy this translation again, if I had to do it today.

And according to their own Aramaic-English Peshitta New Testament Concordance, Matthew 27:46, should read something like; "God, God, why did you leave me" or "God, God, why have you left me?"

So, was this improper 'translation' done to appease Wierwille? It seems so!

Shlama, Syriac Questioner
I looked at The Way International Bookstore web page and I could not find any indication of the three-volume translation of the Peshitta. Am I missing something?

Dear Otto,

No, it's not advertised because of all "the troubles" shall we say, with the HRV that are now going on.
This is the best that I can do to not mention the person's name, and still tell why it's not advertised.
You need to call them on the telephone, or send them an e-mail to inquire about purchasing their 3 volume Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament.
The folks in the bookstore there are very helpful.
Hope this helps.

Shlama, S.Q.
Thanks for all the follow up comments! Actually, I have noticed several mistranslations or "theological" translations in The Way Interlinear. However, it isn't too bad of a resource for someone wanting to understand the text through an English-Syriac translation.
Dear Assur,

I try to supplement The Way International 3 Volume Aramaic-English New Testament, with Dave Bauscher's Plain English Aramaic-English Peshitta (PeshittO really), and with Janet Magiera's "Peshitta" (again the PeshittO), both her regular Syriac to English version, and her 'Messianic' version as well.

That way you have three takes on their (The Way's) translation and their information.

Is it balanced, should it read differently, and if so, I supplement a different wording in my mind, based on three other sources.

Thanks for speaking with me. I've enjoyed it.

Shlama, Syriac Questioner
This is Charlene L. Edge checking in to say hello and thank you for including a link here to my story, Affinity for Windows, which tells about the making of The Way International's Concordance and Interlinear. I was asked to publish that story on the web site for former members of The Way. Just one note: Gertrude Paulson, referenced in a post here, is not a real name. The other names are. Thanks for your interest in these texts.

Also, in another post here, the work of Janet Magiera was mentioned. She also worked part time at The Way on the Aramaic project before she produced her translation years later.
Another review of The Way International' Aramaic Interlinear @:
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