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Right eye/Right hand - bar_khela - 03-19-2004

29. "If your right eye causes you to commit an offense,
pluck it out and throw it away from you.
For you are better off losing one of your members

and not having your entire body thrown into hell.
30. "And if your right hand causes you to commit an offense,
cut it and throw it away from you,
For you are better off losing one of your members

and not having your entire body thrown into hell.

Perplexing. This cannot be literal because all of us, including the Eastern Christians would be required to pluck out our right eyes and chop off our right hands. This is an idiom. But let's say that Eeshoa is saying "If your right eye/hand offends you, stop doing what you're doing!" If so, then how would you idiomatically "lose one of your members?" And why did he specify which hand/eye is was? Does "right" have some significance here?

Re: Right eye/Right hand - AUMOT - 12-12-2007

This is a spiritually discrened messge regarding the act of spiritual discernment and subsequent new revelation after the fact (the cause of Secularism and the splitting of the Body of Christ i.e. losing members) by Saints within the body of Christ. it is also a message regarding spiritual works in the exactly the same way.

Things that come from the Right usually mean that they come from the thirst for rightousness or righteousness and in this case since the Right Eyes is used

What it actually means is:

For the Saints & Bretheren in the Body of Christ, If your righteous spirtual discrenment of Christ will cause you to lose one of the members of the Body of Christ (split the body, lose an arm, lose a leg etc) pluck that righteous spirtual discrenment out.

This spiritual discernment of Christ, that causes termoil, strife and disection (secularism) in the Body of Christ, is better to be lost forever because no matter how great/important you/yours think the piece of righteous spirtual discrenment that you have had in Revelation and presented to The Body of Christ is miniscule in comparison to the dismembermet of The Body Of Christ and loss of one of the Member or Members of the Body of Christ. But so great is the price to payt if we follow not this scripture as can lead the entire Body of Christ into Hell. The unified Body of Christ is of Paramount importance in this case. To its entirity out of HELL.

Following suit:

In this case the Right Hand is used to indicate righteous Works performed within/from the Body of Christ.

If you can cleary identify that these righteous works that are being done cause the Body of Christ (including all its seperate members) to commit an offense(s) or SIN(s) against GOD and Christ then pluck out these "righteous" works, becuase the fruit of the works contain offense(s) and sin(s) and can lead the whole Body of Christ into HELL.

GOD please give your blessing on this commentary. I ask for this in the name of Jesus Christ.