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Heb. 1:6 / Deut. 32:43 - Larry Kelsey - 10-09-2003

Shlama Akhay,

I'll prepare an abbreviation guide here in case any newcomers might stumble across this who are not familiar with the jargon. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

MT=Massoretic Text,
SP=Samaritan Pentateuch,
4QDeut(q)=17th manuscript found in Qumran Cave 4 (Matching the 17th letter in the alphabet {q} with the order in which they were found).

The reason I laid that bit of groundwork is that the Peshitta N. T. and the Greek N. T. have "Let all the angels of God worship him" in Hebrews 1:6.
This is a quote from Deut. 32:43.
I thought it was rather striking that 4QDeut(q) has
"you gods"
instead of "the angels" of the GNT and PNT. Also the LXX has "you sons of God", (a typical Semitic idiom for "angels"). Neither MT nor SP nor POT nor Targum Pseudo-Jonathan nor the Jerusalem Targum Fragments make any mention of angels / gods / sons of God found in PNT / GNT, 4QDeut(q), and LXX.
I remember reading a book where the author strongly suspected that 'gods' and 'sons of God' were both used to describe angels of different rank. Surely there's some truth to that! <!-- s:lookround: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lookround.gif" alt=":lookround:" title="Look Round" /><!-- s:lookround: -->

Shlama w'Burkate, Larry Kelsey

. - drmlanc - 10-09-2003

No doubt Akhi Larry, what reasonable person can deny that the false gods were evil angels, and that the sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4 whose offspring inlcuding giants, dinosaurs and other monsters, were fallen angels?

I know this has some allusions to Talmudic tradition... but I have that theory independently. Just because we may not agree with the Talmud, doesn't mean that there isn't SOME truth in it...