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Questions About the Aramaic Versions of the Bible - ScorpioSniper2 - 12-16-2013

Based on Brother Paul Younan's research on Apaphrat, it seems like he quoted the Peshitta quite frequently, and the Diatessaron in Arabic (which claims to have been translated from the original Aramaic) also matches the Peshitta. Based on this, we can infer that the Peshitta was in use among Assyrian Christians before the 4th century AD. The Curtetonian Gospels (Evangelion d'Mapharashe) were also created by Rabulla (born around 350 AD, made Bishop in 411 AD), which means that it is a 5th century document (not 2nd century as commonly claimed by scholars). The Sinaitic Palimpsest also is only found in one manuscript (from around the 4th century), which is heavily damaged due to it being "scratched" out in order to tell the story of a saint. Here are some questions:

1. Why did Rabulla feel the need to translate the Greek Gospels instead of using the Peshitta and revising it to fit his theology?

2. When did the Syriac Orthodox edit the Peshitta in order to make the Peshitto version? If it was around during the time of Rabulla, why did he not use it?

3. Why was the Diatessaron so heavily used among the Assyrian churches (besides the fact that it was popular)? Was it used alongside the Peshitta?

4. Can we prove that the Diatessaron quotes the Peshitta instead of it being the other way around?

5. Is there evidence of the Old Syriac Gospels being quoted by Assyrian Christians before the 4th and 5th centuries?

Re: Questions About the Aramaic Versions of the Bible - carlosmendoza - 01-07-2014

Great questions! I wonder why we have some many copies of the Greek and not from Aramaic? Is there any serious scholar that wrote about the Aramaic Primacy?