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The root-word - bensocha - 02-27-2012

Shalom brothers :-)

I need a bit of help: can you tell me what is the root-word for Tashlikh and Shlikha? Is it Mshadar (to send out), like in Luke 10:3? But if it is, well... it doesn't seem to sound and look similar...


Re: The root-word - distazo - 03-01-2012


According to the Payne Smith 'Shila' can mean a shoot or a branch or messenger.

So, it is not related to $dr (Shadar) in Luke 10:3.

In Greek, it is related to the same word apostello

I find the Aramaic link to 'branch' (like in Matthew 10:2) though, having a lot of meaning.
Yeshua himself was called a netzer, a 'sent one', a wordplay with nazaret (Nasrat in Aramaic).

Now Matthew 28:18 has "Like my Father has sent me, I have sent you..." Here we have 'sent' from shadar.


Re: The root-word - bensocha - 03-04-2012

Thank you Distazo :-) Now I know more and I can continue my study... thanx again.