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Correspondence with AV Publications - BrotherLarry - 01-19-2012

Shlama to all,

Can anyone help me get through to these hardheads.....

{{ AV Staff}}Thanks for writing. Greetings! Do you have other means of contact for those who want to send compliments, disappointments or other criteria concerning books, your website, etc.?{{AV Staff}} No. This is it. There are so many things to consider. {{AV Staff}}If you read all of our publications, you will see that we have considered them already. If we consider Wycliffe's translation worthy of scholarly investigation, shouldn't his more accurate readings be showcased? {{AV Staff}}God has preserved his word. The Bible says that. Don't you believe the Bible? The KJB translators took those that God wanted to preserve. Wycliffe and KJB are VERY similar. The English Bible has always been generally the same. After all, a translator who was burned at the stake for his work might appreciate the fact that we gave him at least that much recognition. {{AV Staff}}He was not burned at the stake. He died a natural death, and many years later his bones were exhumed by the Catholics and burned. Shouldn't the Lindisfarne Gospels be bragged on a little bit considering their age if nothing else? I'm guessing but I was thinking that ancient treasure was around 1,100 years old! {{AV Staff}} We have collated every word of the Lindisfarne and is is slightly corrupt. You need to read In Awe of Thy Word. The Ancient Assyrian Church of the East has had patriarchs who believe that the true original of the New Testament is the Aramaic Peshitta Text., a belief that has to be every bit of 1,550 years old based on the amazing discoveries of William Norton's researches. The beautiful wordplays, puns, alliterations, idioms, etc., get completely lost in translation. {{AV Staff}}God has lost nothing. If he has numbered the hairs on your head, don't you think he would preserve his very words? You need to read In Awe of Thy Word, which demonstrates that God introduced all of those literary techniques into the English Bible. Are we to flush all Aramaic-to-English translations down the toilet without giving James Murdock, John Wesley Etheridge, Paul Younan, Andrew Gabriel Roth, William Norton, Glenn David Bauscher, Janer Magiera and others a single speck of credit?{{AV Staff}} Have you not kept up with the scholars, who now admit that Jesus spoke Hebrew, not Aramaic? The Bible lists Hebrew as the language of the day. It says Jesus spoke to Paul in Hebrew. Personally, there is absolutely no way I can do that in good conscience. {{AV Staff}}The critical editions of Aramaic, Syriac, etc., that are available today, are just that, critical. Someone has picked and chosen what they like. The Syriac critical editions have been done by Barbara Aland, a critical text woman and wife of now deceased, Kurt Aland, editor of the critical text. You are under the influence of someone who has not kept up with the latest research. Please read In Awe of Thy Word, New Age Bible Versions, and Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers, all by Gail Riplinger. Also the book, The Hidden History of The English Scriptures, by Riplinger, demonstrates that the originals were written in many languages, not just Greek. You will amaze your friends with what you have learned from them. Thank you for writing.

AV Staff

Re: Correspondence with AV Publications - Thirdwoe - 01-19-2012

What do you want to have them believe? They seem to be closed minded, as are those who are KJV English only, who believe its an inspired translation. You may convince some that they are misguided...but not the pushers of such a teaching.