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Question for Akhi Andrew - Dawid - 06-13-2009

Shalom, Akhi.

I was just reading your article on the divisions of the day, and it is truly interesting. I just had one question about the section "the many faces of Erev." You talk about the Pesach as being sacrificed "Beyn Ha'eruvim." I was wondering if there was a specific reason you transliterated it this way when it is pointed "ha'arbayim" in the text. I'm curious because I think the pronunciation is significant in this case. If it is as you have transliterated it, then it's a plural, and if it's as I have transliterated it, then it is a dual. These could lead to different understandings. So I wanted to clear up what the significance was of your reading.

Thanks so much,

Shalom uvracha,