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Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - 'taint Paul - 02-05-2008

Yaaqub and Abudar,

Thanks, for pointing out my faulty MO. The Interlinear NT is now making much more sense to me!


Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - enarxe - 02-05-2008

ograabe Wrote:February 4, 2008

According to Barbara Alland in her book on the New Testament, forty percent of the verses in the he various Greek New Testament documents (don't call them manuscripts) are signifcanctly different in that there are at least two significant words that are different. [...]
I can make an additional comment on that. I'm currently proofreading one of the Greek codices comparing it to the Majority text at the same time. It is one thing to know theoretically that there are variants and another to see with your own eyes 2 to 10 differences in every 50 word chunk of text. And this is only one mss compared to one tradition. I'm convinced that forty percent must be about right as my chunks of text are usually 2 to 4 verses long and I can see at least one difference in almost every such piece. Basically, for someone who is aware how scribes (soferim) treated TaNaKh, Greek texts of NT are one big mess.

Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - 'taint Paul - 02-05-2008


For those who haven't already, please disregard the majority of my forgoing posts in this thread, specifically those based on a faulty reading of Paul Younan's Interlinear NT.

On the bright side: at least I learned something.


Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - Paul Younan - 02-06-2008

Hey Taint,

Welcome to the forum.

Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - Keith - 02-07-2008

Hi 'taint Paul,

I taint Paul but welcome to the forum.


Re: Eleazar = Yeshua? - 'taint Paul - 02-10-2008

Paul and Keith,


Cool site.