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bible decoder+2. - juan marcos De Miguel - 12-09-2004

Shlama all :biggrin:

I have bible decoder+, but I don't have " Peshitta " :(

Where I get the " Peshitta "?
That font is to use?

Thank You All :D

- gbausc - 12-11-2004

Hello Juan,

I use Codefinder software with a module given to me by the author with the Peshitta.
I am not at liberty to give that to anyone. It was given only to two or three people that I know of; I agreed not to distribute it
to anyone. You may go to and look for Codefinder.You may also contact Roy Reinhold about add ons from that web site.



Thank You! - juan marcos De Miguel - 12-14-2004

Thank You very much Dave ! :onfire:

Blessings !