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Courtesy of Dean Dana & - Larry Kelsey - 11-13-2004

Aramaic New Testament Manuscript $75.99

[Image: NT_cover.JPG]

Ancient Peshitta Aramaic New Testament Manuscript Facsimile known as the "Khabouris"

This copy of an ancient Church of the East New Testament was handwritten by a scribe on animal skins. Discovered in Khabour, Assyria (Modern-day Iraq). Contains the full 22 book Eastern Canon in its eastern order.

Product Details:
Binding: Spiral or Comb, softcover
Dimensions (in Inches) 11 x 8.5 x 2.0
Pages: 251 (black/white, Two Original Pages per one copy page)
Language: Aramaic (Estrangela Script no vowels)

[Image: khab_in.JPG]

Khabouris Photocopy - nashama - 11-13-2004

Hi Larry:
I have one of the "Aramaic New Testament Manuscript $75.99". It's a poor quality photocopy of which some pages are virtually unreadable. Nice cover though!!