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Voweled Peshitta and Dictionary Questions - Gaston Mascarenas - 09-23-2004

to all:

This web site is great and Paul is doing a great service!

Is there a downloadable electronic version of the Peshitta that is voweled and in Eastern script? It would be fantastic if it were also multi-linear. I know having the vowels is a crutch, but for beginners like me, they are essential to getting a feel for the pronounciation of words.

Also, I would like to know which dictionary is the best one to buy that uses Eastern script and has vowels.

Thanks for your help.



- Paul Younan - 09-24-2004

Hi Gaston,

Thanks for the kind words. I am not aware of a vowelled eastern Peshitta online, but our brother Dean's bookstore has printed vowelled copies for sale at

Take Care.